31 March, 2020


To All Our Dear Students and Friends,

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently gripping the world and especially the Philippines, the Department of Health(DOH) in Cebu deemed it necessary to establish a base to handle this crisis, and appropriated our building based in the Old Sacred Heart School in General Maxilom Avenue for this purpose.

In the absence of options, arrangements, or allowances in regards to the provision of an alternate campus, nor the ability to seek a new location due to the current enhanced community quarantine measures implemented in Cebu, it is with great sorrow that we have to announce the temporary forced closure of Film & Media Arts International Academy.

For now, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and for making FMA truly more than a school. Please stay in touch, stay safe, and please communicate any pertaining concerns to as we no longer have a physical office space.


Film Media Arts

About Us

Film & Media Arts International Academy is custom built for filmmakers and animators of the 21st Century. We are a film school and an art school firmly grounded in all the technical crafts needed to create digital content. FMA instructors are seasoned industry professionals with international experience. They share with the students their knowledge and experience to prepare them to excel in the professional world of filmmaking and animation. The heavy production schedule imposed on each student means a lot more hands-on learning when compared to other film schools. We are the best film school in Cebu City, Philippines, Asia. Most importantly, what sets FMA apart from other film and animation schools is the emphasis on students working on real-world projects like the TV series “Guardian Blade Legacy,” TV commercials, theatrical PSA’s, and documentaries.

EDUCATION EFFICIENCY: One of the best aspects of FMA’s one-year Diploma program is that it allows students to get a compressed, immersive filmmaking education without being burdened by taking all the classes unrelated to their eventual profession that an Associate’s or Bachelor’s program requires. The compressed nature of the program allows FMA students to finish their education and get employment as soon as possible — much more quickly than those going through a four-year program.

PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT: FMA has invested significantly to get the best equipment so that students can use cameras, audio gear, and lights that the industry is using. While other schools require you to shoot a movie on your own smartphone, we only teach on the tools that are being used in the industry at large, from DSLR to the RED Epic Dragon.

TOP INSTRUCTORS: FMA has gathered a unique mix of local and international filmmakers to instruct the students on the latest techniques and styles. From New York to Hollywood to Hong Kong to Manila, our instructors have experience making movies around the globe, and bring that experience to the students.

LOCATION: FMA is ideally located in the heart of Cebu City, a city on the rise teeming with economic growth, fine dining and nearby exotic travel destinations. Although the city has everything you expect from a first-world country, the cost of living is exceedingly low compared to other places.

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION: With small class sizes, our instructors are able to give students personalized attention and focus on the needs of the students.

VALUE: On an international level, FMA’s one-year program gives the best value – the most hours with the best instructors for a surprisingly affordable price.

FMA Summer Workshop 2020

FMA Summer Workshop 2020

Level up with us this summer, dear adventurers, as we take you on a journey of epic proportions! Embark on quests befitting your passion – whether that be acting, animating, filmmaking or special effects makeup, we’re sure you’ll find a class to love! Find out more

Diploma in Film and Creative Media Arts

Diploma in Film and Creative Media Arts

The FMA 12-month Diploma in Film and Creative Media Arts program focuses on seven core disciplines needed for any 21st century filmmaker: Writing, Producing, Production Design, Directing, Cinematography, Sound Recording/Design, and Editing. The program is designed for students beginning in media with no prior knowledge, and will give students the skills necessary for an entry-level job in many different ares of visual media. As an alternative, students can begin making films out of school and go the film festival route to get discovered. read more

3D Animation NCIII

3D Animation NCIII

The FMA 15-month 3D Animation NCIII program’s main objective is to teach students 3d from character animation up to digital effects. Using industry’s the best tools available like Maya and Adobe’s After Effects. Students would undergo the entire workflow of a 3d production pipeline and learn how to use it for their own projects. Students will also have the opportunity to apprentice at a real 3d production studio and experience how it really is in a real world scenario. They would also learn how to pitch their shows with a possibility that it would be picked up and produced at the studio with them. read more

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FMA wins big in Sinulog film festival 2020

FMA wins big in Sinulog film festival 2020

Congratulations to FMA and SOPHIE’S WORLD PRODUCTIONS on their film OPPA WIKKAN


  • 2nd place Sinulog Short Film winner
  • Best Story
  • Best Supporting Actor – Juvel Alvarez
  • Best Supporting Actress – Debbie Uy
  • Best Poster
  • Best Packaging Design

Congratulations to FMA’s editing mentor
for best editing in the film

Congratulations to FMA’S Alumna
in her film HABAK

Congratulation to FMA’S Alumna

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