Posts made in October, 2017

6 Filmmaking Tips from Todd Haynes

One of the most famous indie filmmakers to rise up through the ’90s, Todd Haynes has managed to be both an experimental director and a mainstream entertainer. From his mix of pop culture and avant-garde satire with 1988’s Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story to Learn more

Why the Hate for 3D Animation?

After I reviewed My Little Pony: The Movie a couple weeks ago, I did two things. First of all, I went to see the next available screening of It to set myself at balance. Second, I started to look around Learn more

Raya Returns to South Korea

  His latest film, “Smaller and Smaller Circles,” was part of the Window on Asian Cinema section and vied for the Kim Ji-seok Award at the Busan fest, which wrapped up on Oct. 21 in South Korea. “Personally, I was Learn more

Top 10 Cinematographers of All Time

Source The Picks: 10 – The beginnings, Billy Bitzer 9 – The Golden Age, Gregg Toland 8 – Transition to color, Robert Burks 7 – Technicolor and Cinemascope, Freddie Young 6 – New Hollywood, Vittorio Storaro 5 – Europe, Sven Learn more

Filmmaking Tips: How to Develop an Anti-Hero in Your Next Project

Here are seven tips for making your film’s protagonist a dark and morally questionable anti-hero to add depth to your story. While anti-heroes are nothing new in comics, literature, and film, there has been a recent uptick in their appearance Learn more

Top 10 Movie Props of All Time

With all the attention actors, directors and cinematography get sometimes it’s easy to forget about the little things. Props can be tools, weapons, character builders or maguffins and these are the 10 best of all time.   Learn more

9 Things You About “Scream”

It’s that time of year, when we turn our attentions to Things about blood, guts and gore. This is our super-sized, 100th episode spectacular of Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know, and it’s all about Wes Craven’s Scream films! Stay tuned Learn more

Why Dana Nachman Gave Up Journalism For Filmmaking

MANILA, Philippines — For the Emmy-winning Dana Nachman, going from journalism to filmmaking was a natural transition.   Both fields required the same things. “It’s the same passion,” the American independent director, writer and producer told The STAR. “It’s all Learn more

He Voiced ‘The Animaniacs’ and Other ‘90s Cartoons

You know his voice from your favorite ‘90s cartoons; he gave life to Pinky from “Pinky and the Brain,” Yakko from “Animaniacs,” and even Raphael in the original “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” series. His name? Rob Paulsen. Meet the voice Learn more

Dunkirk Is A Victory For Technical Filmmaking

When 400,000+ film fans couldn’t get a good dramatic blockbuster, Dunkirk came to them The acclaimed Chistopher Nolan finally takes on the challenge of a massive war movie with the story of Dunkirk. Hundreds of thousands of allied soldiers are trapped Learn more