Posts made in November, 2017

How Filmmakers Choose Aspect Ratios in Movies

Most film buffs are familiar with a range of stylistic techniques employed by directors to tell a story—camera angles, shot length, set design, and special effects are all used to help create the unique look and feel of a film. Learn more

Best Movie Sequel

It’s been a while since CineFix made a list that riled up its fanbase. But here we go. The movie enthusiasts picked their five best film follow ups “of all time”, including direct sequels, reboots and spinoffs. Let’s just think Learn more

How Virtual Reality is Changing Filmmaking

Saschka Unseld is changing the way we watch movies. The Pixar veteran is now head of Oculus Story Studio, the production company responsible for the virtual reality short films Henry and Lost. In a short interview for the Future of Learn more

6 Filmmaking Tips from Joe Wright

The director of ‘Atonement’ and ‘Darkest Hour’ shares advice that you should read with your own eyes. If you’re going to be an interesting director, you’re going to have a career of ups and downs. Joe Wright has made some Learn more

FMA Cebu Teamed Up With Archcon

We teamed up with ARCHcon Cebu again this year to make some Aztech magic happen in the mountains of Sudlon Uno, Cebu! Here’s our BTS with our crew! Learn more

‘Birdshot’ Director Mikhail Red On Spotlighting “Beauty In The Philippines”

  “In the Philippines, you have very low-budget films, so most films tend to be a certain style. Either you see cinema verité or very contemplative [filmmaking],” Birdshot director Mikhail Red told Deadline’s Dominic Patten after an Awardsline screening of Learn more

Facts About The Justice League

101Facts sharing a huge collection of little-known facts about the iconic superhero team. Source Learn more

How iPhone X Camera Could Be Used For 3D Animation

A tech demo video by VFX artist Elisha Hung shows how data from the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system could be used to animate 3D characters and objects in a CGI movie. Apple gives developers access to the same face Learn more

Filmmaking For Master Audio Recording

How can we as filmmakers improve our sound? This is a big question that I answer in today’s episode about sound editing. So many people undervalue this skill when doing film. Especially independent filmmakers. Here are my filmmaking tips on Learn more

11 Filmmaking Tips from Rob Reiner

Nepotism can get you pretty far in Hollywood, and having Carl Reiner as a father was surely a benefit to Rob Reiner’s career. In the end, though, the younger Reiner still went to film school (though he got kicked out) Learn more