Posts made in March, 2018

4 Awesome Movie Shots By CineFix

CineFix continues its list of its best movie shots of all time with an episode that focuses on the cinematic potential afforded by the camera lens. They pick one shot each for the telephoto, the wide angle, the zoom and the focus. Learn more

The Hungry Corpse By Gergely Wootsch

3D animation “In London’s bustling Trafalgar Square, a hungry corpse meets a pigeon with a broken wing.” A short tale, written by James Pout, set in London’s bustling yet desolate Trafalgar Square about a rather hungry corpse and a pigeon. Learn more

Supervillains Supercut By Editor Robert Jones

  Editor Robert Jones pays tribute to the characters who are oftentimes far more interesting and entertaining than superheroes themselves, the unbalanced, devious, criminal, and downright insane bad guys. The track is Saints of the Sinners by The Faim. Popular In the Com Learn more

The Kiosk By Anete Melece

  Zurich-Based illustrator Anete Melece’s The Kiosk presents the charming tale of Olga, a large lady who makes the newsstand her home, until an absurd incident takes her on a fantastic voyage. Charming, kooky and colorful. Learn more

The Shape of Water wins Best Picture at the #Oscars

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How amazing was this year’s Oscars?

Here’s some behind the scenes footage of us shooting with The Bolt at the 2018 Oscars! Learn more

Filmmaking Tips From The VFX Oscar Nominees For Working With Film Directors

When you read about the visual effects in a particular film you might often hear about how certain sequences are planned, shot, and then completed with vfx. Getting to the final shot of course involves a mix of tech and Learn more

Honest Trailers – The Oscars (2018)

The 2018 Academy Awards are here so it’s about time every Best Picture nominee got honest. – The Oscars (2018) Learn more

Get Out — A New Perspective in Horror

Get Out takes a situation that is universally relatable and adds a specific and unfamiliar protagonist. In doing so, the film unlocks new ways of creating tension and establishing trust. This video examines the new storytelling techniques Jordan Peele applied Learn more

Cinema Under the Influence: How Movies Get High

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