Flyin’ Bamboo By Nitai Hershkovits

The very talented animator Felix Colgrave presents a charming, insect- and plant-filled music video for this jazzy and soothing piano track by Nitai Hershkovits and featuring MNDSGN. Kudos to artist Trugglet for the sweet painted backgrounds too.   Learn more

Animating Movement By Richard Williams

The Royal Ocean Film Society spends some time looking at the works of Richard Williams, one of the last of his breed of hand animators – a man known for his fluid and dynamic style, and ability to create worlds Learn more

Elvis & Dimmi By pixels

Elvis and Dimmi are not your typical adventurers. Or maybe they are, depending on how you play video games. Ivan Dixon and pixel art master Paul Robertson present this gaming-inspired short film about two jerks and their goblin lackey. Learn more

Erikka Innes’ 5 Most Important Films in the History of CGI

Ever wonder what films were key in the history of CGI? There are a lot of them. So many, in fact, that anytime someone posts a list, each item is hotly debated. This list will be no exception. Without further Learn more

The Shape Of Water 2018

BTS: The Shape of Water (2017) • Dir: Guillermo del Toro • DP: Dan Laustsen • Cam:Arri Alexa XT & Mini • Lens: Zeiss Master Primes   Learn more

A Short Guide to 3D Animation for Beginners

The prevalence of CG, and its rapid development in games, movies, and TV has increased general awareness and interest in the field of 3D animation. More and more great animated shorts are raking up considerable recognition on Youtube, Vimeo, and Learn more

Top 5 Most Original Movies of All Time – Cinefix

We’ve been looking at a lot of remakes, sequels and adaptations, so now it’s time to look at true originals. From the avant garde to the origins of film itself, it’s time to look at 5 of the most original Learn more

KENOBI: A Star Wars Story

First Look Trailer (2019) Ewan McGregor Star Wars Solo Movie Concept Source: Learn more

Cinema Movie Tribute 2017

Celebration of movies from the year. Feel free to ask for title of featured movies in the comments section. Music: 1. Sparks – Tryouts for the Human Race 2. Nena – Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann Learn more

The Story Of The “Rocky” Theme

The lyrics to the Oscar nominated “Rocky” theme song came to Carol Connors where all great ideas start: in the shower. Find out which songs and scores are eligible for this season’s awards.     Source: Learn more