Aple De Ap of The Black Eyed Peas goes to FMA Cebu

Cooking something up for FMA with at Thames International Creative Innovators Programme. With the only rose Tracy Tang     Learn more

The Life of Film School Mentor: Mark V. Fernandez

Get to know the most loving mentor and animation head at Film & Media Arts International Academy and Sophie’s World Productions!🦍 Here’s Mark V. Fernandez for Reel Life Learn more

ARCHcon Skit & Propsmaking Workshop 2018

Always been interested in how cosplayers create their amazing gear, or looking to up your combat game? ⚔️ Now’s your chance to learn from the pros themselves! FMA is proud to partner with our longtime friends at ARCHcon Cebu and Learn more

Eva1: Cinematography Event

  Film & Media Arts International Academy, in partnership with Macys Camera Shop and Expandore, is proud to present a hands-on workshop featuring Panasonic’s latest super 35 Cinema Camera on 16 June, 2018 at Montebello Villa Hotel. Join us to experience firsthand shooting with Learn more

Student Film Casting 2018

  All’s fair in love and war, but who doesn’t like winning?? Our Term 3 students are now holding a CASTING CALL for their TV Production, BETTER TOGETHER! A gameshow for gregarious pairs, find out how much you really know Learn more

Bashton & Megalopolis: Scandal

Filmmaker Pablo Mengin (aka Megalopolis) created this intense and surreal music video for NYC rapper Bashton by painting 2000+ images over the course of 18 months. Each of the video’s individual frames could serve as a framed work of art Learn more

Supervillains Supercut By Editor Robert Jones

  Editor Robert Jones pays tribute to the characters who are oftentimes far more interesting and entertaining than superheroes themselves, the unbalanced, devious, criminal, and downright insane bad guys. The track is Saints of the Sinners by The Faim. Popular In the Com Learn more

The Kiosk By Anete Melece

  Zurich-Based illustrator Anete Melece’s The Kiosk presents the charming tale of Olga, a large lady who makes the newsstand her home, until an absurd incident takes her on a fantastic voyage. Charming, kooky and colorful. Learn more

The Shape of Water wins Best Picture at the #Oscars

Learn more

How amazing was this year’s Oscars?

Here’s some behind the scenes footage of us shooting with The Bolt at the 2018 Oscars! Learn more