Filmmaking Tips

February 2019

Subtle Visual Effects

While WhatCulture sometimes mistakes compositing and rotoscoping for CGI, the video is still worth a watch, as they show off a dozen times that VFX artists managed to create illusions that were so seamlessly integrated that you’d never know they

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January 2019

TACO – Short Film

We hope you’ve had your lunch, because here comes our alumnus’s dark (dark, dark, dark) comedy about a frustrated office employee and the mysterious taco seller he plans to rob! Filmmaking The FMA Filmmaking one-year Diploma Program focuses on seven

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November 2018

Game of Thrones — How to Evoke Emotion

This video looks at how Game of Thrones—and the Battle of the Bastards episode in particular—evokes such strong emotions in its audience by making sure every scene has a compelling value transition.  

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Why Comedy Needs Character

Lessons from the Screenplay looks at how Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg wrote Shaun of the Dead to show us a great way to build a story. In the film, the supporting characters and even the story of the world

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DIY Chainmaille Time-lapse

Evan Snider walks us through the process of crafting a completely handmade chainmaille shirt, painstakingly assembled from thousands of copper rings, individually opened, then linked over the course of 66 hours. The finished shirt weighs in at about 25 pounds.

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Filmmaking Tips From Joel Edgerton

  In addition to keeping up a steady onscreen presence in recent years including his much-lauded performance in Loving, Joel Edgerton has been steadily building up a body of work behind the screen as a writer, producer, and director. After

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August 2018

6 Filmmaking Tips From Wim Wenders

On August 14, 1945, Wim Wenders was born in Düsseldorf, Germany— the very same day World War II fighting ended in the Pacific. While he has said that growing up in post-war Germany was unsurprisingly not the most joyful of

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July 2018

Nikon Coolpix P1000 Zoom Test

Super-telephoto digital camera

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6 Filmmaking Tips From Antoine Fuqua

The director of ‘Training Day’ and ‘The Equalizer’ shares some words of wisdom.    

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