Diploma in Film & Creative Media Arts Instructors

Timm Doolen

Academic Director

Timm began making films in the late 1990s, producing, directing and editing indie documentaries. An MFA graduate from University of Southern California, Timm worked in New Line Cinema’s story department, then moved to DreamWorks assisting on Catch Me If You Can, The Ring, Old School, and House of Sand and Fog. In 2003, he joined Landscape Entertainment, working on Sleepover and Mr. Woodcock. Timm joined Bigfoot Entertainment in Cebu, Philippines, where he was the development exec for Shanghai Kiss and Midnight Movie. In February 2014 Timm became Academic Director at the Film & Media Arts International Academy, where he helped design a curriculum for 21st new filmmakers.

Vanya Fantonial

Technical Director

Vanya’s experience spans over ten years of Sound Design, Production Sound Mixing, and teaching in the field of technical Sound Design. His body of work includes various international documentaries, commercials, and feature films like Irreversi in Hong Kong and Midnight Movie in the USA.

Andrew McMennamy

Directing Instructor

Andrew is a jack of all trades when it comes to TV and film production. He has a BFA dual major from Texas State in Acting and directing and his MFA from Chapman University in Film Production. Andrew has designed music videos for major artist like Megadeth and Fallout Boy. He has directed the TV Shows, Model Yoga, Fashion Filmmakers, Design Genius, Underwater Experts, and Robogirls.

Kevin Reams

Acting Instructor

With a BA in Theatre from the University of Central Florida, Kevin has been an actor and teacher for over 20 years. He has appeared in film, television, and live theatre. He performed in 26 U.S. states with various touring theatre groups, and was artistic director of Thunder Bay Theatre in Michigan where he directed eight shows. Internationally, he taught drama in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and the Philippines. He sailed with both Carnival and Holland America Cruise Lines as entertainment and activities host. He was an acting mentor for five years at the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu, and appeared in films Le Marque, In the Mouth of the Wolf, and The Girl with No Number.

Kristoffer Villarino

Editing Instructor

Kristoffer Villarino is a video/film professional working as a director and editor on commercials, documentaries, and films for both local and international markets. He has worked on brands such as Disney, EA, Fox, and PayPal among others, and has branched out into digital content, exploring the many new online platforms that are redefining how people consume video.

3D Animation NCIII Instructors

Mark V. Fernandez

3D Animation Department Head

Mark has been in the animation/vfx indstry for more than 12 years. He worked as CG supervisor for Bigfoot Entertainment for 10 years helping create the pipeline for animation and computer generated effects. He does freelance work for commercials for various local and international clients such as Toshiba, EA games, and Disney. Mark is a TESDA-certified trainer for 2D and 3D animation.

Maria Cristina Lee

Visual Effects Instructor

Cristina is a TESDA certified CGI artist with more than 13 years’ experience as a visual effects artist. She has worked in various production companies producing visual graphics for Disney Channel, Disney Junior, EA Mobile, and various local commercials.

Angelyn A. Khu

3D Lighting & Rendering Instructor

Anj is a 3D artist with 5 years of experience, working in Sophie’s World Productions. A TESDA-certified animation artist, she worked on projects such as EXO Suit, Guardian Blade Legacy and Wheelcyclers.

Michael John Punsalan

Storyboard and Character Design Instructor

Michael has been in the art industry for more than 10 years. He worked for Bigfoot entertainment as a storyboard artist and 3D character artist. He also worked for Studio 2 Solutions, international clients, and did freelance work for indie comics. He currently works in Sophie’s World Production as a character concept artist, storyboard artist and 3D character modeling artist.

Raoul Jonas Padilla

3D Animation Instructor

Jonas has worked for different studios in Cebu, Manila and the Middle East since 2006. He worked as animation lead on film “Americano” (2016) and animation tech on a short film “Märta Proppmätt” (2017). He also does freelance 3D modeling, 3D animation, 3D rigging.

Earl Pineda

Modelling and Texturing Instructor

Earl has been working in the Film and TV Animation industry for over five years. He has worked as a 3D Generalist on various projects, specializing in modelling in Maya and texturing in Substance Painter. He also does freelance work on his spare time for other international companies.