FMA Instructors

Screenwriting, Producing

Timm Doolen


Timm Doolen started filmmaking in the mid-1990s, producing, directing and editing independent documentaries. An MFA graduate from University of Southern California, Timm worked in New Line Cinema’s story department analyzing scripts and advising executives. He later moved to DreamWorks, assisting on the films Catch Me If You Can, The Ring, Old School, Head of State, Envy, Biker Boyz, Surviving Christmas and House of Sand and Fog. In 2003, he moved to Landscape Entertainment, working on Sleepover and Mr. Woodcock. Timm joined Bigfoot Entertainment in Cebu, Philippines, where he was the development executive for Shanghai Kiss, Within and Midnight Movie. In February of 2014 Timm became Academic Director at the Film & Media Arts International Academy, where he helped design a curriculum for 21st new filmmakers.
Directing, Acting, Screenwriting

Daniel Anaya

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Danny studied at Northwestern University and UCLA before finishing his degree in Radio, TV and Film at the University of Texas in Austin.Danny’s professional career in motion picture and television production has taken him all over Hollywood and North America, crewing on dozens of feature films, including National Security, Glory Road, Robocop, Daredevil, Armageddon and Titanic. He has also worked on hit television shows such as Profiler, The Practice and Alias. In 2005, Danny passed the rigorous selection process to become an ABC/Disney Entertainment Writing Fellow. Still a member of both IATSE and the Screen Actor’s Guild, Danny joined Bigfoot Entertainment in 2009 to work on productions, and began teaching at Film & Media Arts in January of 2015.
Sound Recording, Editing, and Mixing

Vanya Fantonial


Vanya’s experience spans over ten years of Sound Design, Production Sound Mixing, and teaching in the field of technical Sound Design. His body of work includes various international documentaries, commercials, and feature films like Irreversi in Hong Kong and Midnight Movie in the USA.
Video Editing, Color Correction

Vanessa Tee


After graduating from filmschool in 2011, Vanessa Tee began quickly transition into her film career as a producer then later head of post production for the internet production company ChannelFix. At the same time, Vanessa was a freelance producer of shorts and music videos for several years. In 2012-13, she co-created, produced, and edited the 48-episode series “Antigo” for Philippines network, TV5.
Currently Vanessa is both owner and creative director of Cebu-based production company SoftBox Productions Inc. which produces music videos, TV series, and local and European TV commercials.
Cinematography, Photography

Dwight Buot


Dwight worked as a camera operator for studio, arial, and underwater shoots working in 4K and 35mm film. He produced and edited productions for Fashion TV and shot feature films in China, Iran, Singapore, and Vietnam. He also DP’d on Louis Vuitton’s Hope and Glory in Hong Kong.
3D Animation

Mark V. Fernandez


Mark has been in the animation/vfx indstry for more than 12 years. He has worked as CG supervisor for bigfoot for 10 years helping create the pipeline for animation and computer generated effects. He also did freelance work for commercials for various clients from local to international clients such as Toshiba, EA games, and Disney. Mark is also a TESDA certified trainer for 2d and 3d.