Our Story

Thanks to the availability of the necessary technology, many neophyte filmmakers who dreamed of making movies can now take a shot at making their aspirations come true. We at FMA believed that people needed a mentor that can guide them from their neophyte stages to becoming a full-fledged and fully rounded filmmaking professional.

At the same time, we also believe that film school does not have to be very expensive. Hence, it is our mission here at FMA to bring filmmaking closer to those with dreams, without making them spend so much except on what’s necessary. Our central location to the city also makes a lot of services and products like food and lodging easily accessible.

Film & Media Arts International Academy turns your passion into a career. FMA offers Filmmaking and 3D Animation programs that are built around industry-standard practices and workflows. Your heavy production schedule means more hands-on training, since we believe you learn by doing.

FMA instructors are filmmakers from Hollywood and other international film capitals. They share with you best practices from years of actual filmmaking experience that theoretical film schools may not be able to adequately provide. So, you learn more in less time. And you will learn the craft on the same industry-grade equipment and gear currently used in the professional world.

FMA is committed to making Filmmaking More Affordable to as many passionate artists worldwide. FMA believes that you can pursue your dreams without breaking your bank.