3D Animation NCIII

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15-month 3D Animation NCIII

The TESDA accredited 15-month 3D Animation NCIII has as it’s main objective giving students the tools and experience necessary to work professionally in the fields of CG Animation, Digital Effects, Compositing, and Motion Graphics. Autodesk Maya, Adobe AfterEffects, and traditional media will all be explored in depth as part of the conception and completion of a thesis project by each student. Student projects will be executed using an efficient and industry-friendly 3D Production Pipeline which will prepare students for real-world employment situations. Students will learn how to pitch their shows, and have a chance to intern at a professional animation studio as part of their graduation requirements.

3D Modelling and Texturing

Students will learn the rules of modelling and how to utilize the software to create their visions. The students will have a greater understanding on the workflows to help them achieve professional results.

Dynamics and Special Effects

This course will Students will have a good grasp on how maya dynamics work and how to create their own special effects like fluids and particles effects.


Covering this course, students will be taught how to create and develop animation ready rigs. Aside from creating a solid bipedal rig, They will also explore and develop rigs that would fit their purpose. Upon finishing this course the students will have a deeper understanding on the concepts and theories of rigging.

Compositing and Visual Effects

Covering this course the students will able to add post effects and develop their images even further. They will also learn how to assemble their passes to achieve greater control over the images.

Character Animation

In this course, students will learn how to breathe life to their creations. From a humble potato sack to a production ready character all the principles in animation remains the same. This subject aims to ingrain students the principles to get lifelike quality animations.

Motion Graphics

In this course students will learn broadcast quality animations using Adobe After Effects Students will learn how to creating abstract and entertaining graphics to get their intended message across. The class will discuss the theories on achieving a good motion graphic, how to plan for it and executing it.

Lighting and Rendering

This course covers the creation of production quality renderings. From realistic lifelike renders to stylized cel shaded look. Students will also learn how to break their renders into passes for more control during the compositing process. Students will also have an in depth understanding on how to achieve cinematic lighting and optimizing their renders to fit production schedules.