Diploma Program in Filmmaking

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Diploma Program In Filmmaking

The TESDA accredited Diploma Program in Filmmaking is a one year course consisting of four terms. Each term is 11 weeks long with a two week break in between terms. The diploma program focuses on the following core disciplines needed for any 21st century filmmaker:

  • Writing
  • Producing
  • Production Design
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Audio Recording / Audio Post-Production
  • Editing / Visual Effects

Students create seven film projects throughout the one year course.Projects include: Short Films, Music Videos, TV Commercials, Documentary Films, TV Productions.

We round out the education with Cinema Studies classes to give the historical depth of telling stories with moving pictures, which started more than 120 years ago.

Production Schedule
  • 1st Term: Use Canon 60D to create an MOS and Music Video.
  • 2nd Term: Use Canon 60D to create a TV Commerical and Panasonic AG-AC90 to make a Documentary Film.
  • 3rd Term: Use BlackMagic 2.5k to create a TV Production and Short Film.
  • 4th Term: Students: Hands-on training with RED Epic Dragon and short film project. Use BlackMagic 4k Production Camera to create Thesis Film.