Work-for-Study Special Scholarships

Film & Media Arts International Academy wants to make a difference in your life. That’s why FMA is always on the look-out for the truly deserving talented students and help them achieve the lifetime goals. Under ithe FMA CSR Program, FMA is now accepting applicants to the Work-for-Study Special Scholarship Programs in filmmaking and 3D Animation:
  1. 50% Tuition-free Program in Diploma in Film and Creative Media Arts – 623 work hours in one year
  2. 50% Tuition-free Program in 3D Animation NCIII – 547 work hours in one year


You will still enjoy the same hands-on, high-quality filmmaking and 3D Animation education that Film & Media Arts International Academy offers its full-tuition students, using the best industry-standard filmmaking equipment and programs available. If you feel you are committed and talented enough to avail of the special work-for study scholarship programs, apply now!


Qualifications and Documentary Requirements
  1. Application for Admission to the Work-for-Study Scholarship Program
  2. Resume with four (4) 2X2 ID pictures with white background
  3. NSO Certificate of Live Birth
  4. Must have a High School/College Diploma or sufficient demonstrated ability and experience related and relevant to the course applied for
  5. TOR
  6. Must have an NBI Clearance
  7. Must have an ITR or that of parents/guardian in the immediate past three (3) years
  8. Show reel (filmmaking) and/or portfolio (3D Animation) of past productions/graphics work
  9. Must have a Certificate of Good Moral Caracter from High School Principal/College Dean
  10. A 700-word (minimum) essay about yourself, your talent/s, and why you deserve the Work-for-Study Special Scholarship


Address your Application for Admission to the Work-for-Study Scholarship Program to